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Ningbo Hexing Packaging: a trusted destination customized packaging box for Dutch customers

On September 14, Ningbo Hexing Packaging welcomed a group of distinguished customers from the Netherlands. This important visit is the first visit to China by a foreign supplier since the outbreak of the global epidemic, reflecting their trust and confidence in Haixing’s excellent manufacturing capabilities.

To ensure you an unforgettable experience, our Dutch guests were warmly welcomed by the directors of Hexing Sales and Design Department and accompanied by them on an exclusive tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. From exploring the vast raw material warehouse to seeing firsthand the intricate processes of our factory’s printing equipment and fully automated creasing machines, their visit left them in awe of the advanced technology we employ. Of particular interest is our new six-color printer, which has delighted customers and further cements their trust in the impeccable quality of Hexing’s customs products. They are much insteresed in color printed paper box and display paper box.


The visit culminated when the customer expressed interest in working with us on prototype development. They were so impressed by the powerful equipment and excellent printing quality that they had to quote on the spot the products they needed. This display of confidence reflects the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and demonstrates the unparalleled value and reliability offered by Hexing Packaging.


Ningbo Hexing Packaging is proud to be the first choice for international customers in the packaging industry. Our commitment to providing world-class products and services has earned us a strong reputation and attracted customers from all over the world. We continually strive to exceed expectations to ensure that our relationships with valued clients like Holland are fruitful and long-lasting.This visit demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of global supply chains as we continue to grapple with the challenges posed by the pandemic. No matter the situation, Ningbo Hexing Packaging is always committed to providing unparalleled packaging solutions to our valued customers. We are excited about the prospects for future collaborations with our Dutch customers and look forward to creating innovative kraft packaging recyclable  paper box and customized master carton solutions that will take their businesses to new heights.


Post time: Sep-15-2023