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Introducing a Fully Automatic One-Stop Production Line – Ningbo Hexing Packaging

We believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction by providing cardboard packing items of superior quality and efficiency. To this end, we have recently introduced imported six-color printing machines, setting a new standard for printing capabilities. Our vigilant press captains pay strict attention to document alignment, color uniformity and aim to achieve unparalleled high-volume, high-quality printing. This dedication has earned us rave reviews from our esteemed customers who recognize the outstanding print quality of our double-sided printed corrugated boxes. With this vote of confidence, customers feel confident returning for more orders.
In order to further improve our level and meet the growing needs of our customers, we are pleased to announce our plans to increase the production efficiency of customer brochures and leaflets. Starting from 2023, Ningbo Hexing Packaging will strengthen the semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines of the brochure card production line. The star of the show will be our perfecting two-color press, custom-built for double-sided printing on 100g tissue paper. This cutting-edge technology not only significantly reduces lead times but also minimizes the occurrence of scrap. In addition to this gem, our arsenal also includes cordless binding machines, folding machines, sorting machines, cordless binding and locking machines, and last but not least, three-sided fully automatic cutting machines. The introduction of these innovative machines has streamlined the production process, reduced manual intervention and accelerated delivery times.


So, dear reader, unleash your imagination and partner with Ningbo Hexing Packaging to create a unique, seamless, worry-free packaging experience. Our fully automated one-stop production lines are ready to turn your packaging dreams into reality with precision, speed and humor. Join us in this packaging revolution and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Post time: Sep-22-2023